A Faburiq accessory in the making...

100% Handmade

Faburiq sources only the finest fabrics, all heritage and vintage Japanese textiles that are hand-finished in the United States. Faburiq prides itself in giving these kimono fabrics a new life with a modern twist.

Faburiq's accessories are hand-sewn and finished in Massachusetts. Wanting to draw on local talent and history of New England’s textile industry, Faburiq made a conscious decision from the beginning to work with local garment businesses as part of our manufacturing process.

The city of Lowell in Massachusetts rose to fame as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution and was one of the first true American factory towns. Due to the booming textile business in the early 19th century, the area began welcoming immigrants from Canada, Germany, Ireland and several other European countries.  These immigrants flocked to Lowell to secure one of the many jobs available within the mills. In addition to the many immigrants flooding the area, Francis Cabot Lowell and the Boston Manufacturing Company begin recruiting young girls from all over New England, setting up boarding homes in which to house them, and promising them decent wages paid in cash daily. These women, who became known as the Lowell Mill Girls, were the heart and soul of Lowell's textile mills.  

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.
— Mark Twain

Playing off the historical textile traditions, Faburiq has harnessed on the currently available textile workforce, mostly female, in New England; a new generation of “Lowell Mill Women”. Although the textile industry went into decline for a period of time from the 1920s onwards, recent gentrification of cities such as Lowell includes revitalization, and a reawakening of their textile manufacturing roots.

In keeping with the ancient textile crafting techniques of the fabrics, Faburiq aims to sustain the character of integrity and precision in the finished product. Faburiq is proud and grateful that it has such incredible resources available to create something that is not just beautiful, but that combines history from two opposite worlds; the traditional fabrics of our accessories, with the traditional trade of the region.



We hope that a Faburiq accessory will not just be a fashion accessory but an object that embodies sentiment, style and sophistication.