Meet the Designer

Born in Malaysia, schooled in the United Kingdom, and now an improper Bostonian, Aruña designs each one-of-a-kind piece, and all hand-finished in the United States. Having been educated in England and Spain, and traveled extensively throughout Asia, Aruña has always been drawn to each culture’s traditional textiles, tailoring and fashion. On a trip to Tokyo, Japan, Aruña visited many local fabric shops, and saw an opportunity to incorporate these traditional fabrics into contemporary men's attire.

Faburiq is an outlet to express Aruña's passion for the attention to detail by Japanese clothing designers, the deep history of the textiles themselves, and her eye from modern fashion… not to mention her uncanny ability to pick out exquisite fashion accessories for her husband through the years! She draws her inspiration from the meticulousness in almost every facet of Japanese life, while still retaining ancient traditions in a contemporary, avant-garde society. Faburiq wants to highlight the unique work of the skilled textile designer that created the fabric, with the lost art of hand-sewn tailored finishes, to preserve these traditions in a contemporary men’s accessory. The end product is a result of reacquainting an Eastern fabric with a New England industry. 

Faburiq is a leap of faith. It is also a response to today's trend of insubstantial products masked under exorbitant advertising. As Aruña constantly seeks opportunities to incorporate customs and traditions from her own roots into the modern western and international society in which she lives, Faburiq is the consequence of juxtaposition – timeworn fabrics and classical tailoring; rejuvenated, and living harmoniously as the modern man’s fashion accessory.

It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.
— Coco Chanel